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  • foldable outdoor table
  • foldable outdoor table
  • foldable outdoor table
foldable outdoor tablefoldable outdoor tablefoldable outdoor table

foldable outdoor table

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foldable outdoor table-OD-1 Introduction

Wood-plastic composites (WPCs) & metal frame material; suitable for patio backyard or outdoor;

Price Explanation

  • Est EXW price:Estimated wholesale price in China. Shipping cost to your country and other costs like taxes are not included.
  • CNY:The abbreviation for Chinese Yuan.1USD is about 6.5CNY. For example, 650YUAN equals 650/6.5=100USD.
  • Low: The lowest price we have recorded. It might be no longer available.
  • High: The highest price we have recorded.It can be related to different product specifications , produced by different suppliers or produced by different time etc.
  • Spec: Indicates the products unique specifications for this quote.

Customization Service

Not Happy with the design of this product ? Please send us your designs by email .

Why Choose us

  • Better Price: We keep good relationships with local furniture factories and often get better price than purchasing from them directly.
  • More Reaches:Most factories only produce a few products;By gathering them together,more reaches with reasonable price furniture purchased easily.
  • Purchase Safely and Easily: With a professional furniture export team;We choose the most suitable furniture for you.Save you both the time and energy.All terms and conditions will be be stipulated on the contract. We welcome honest mutual business.
  • Local Inspection:With the UTV examination established near by, we can get the products strictly tested and find the qualified products for you.

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Supported Terms of Payment

  • L/C(Letter of Credit)
  • D/P(Documents Against Payment)
  • D/A(Documents Against Acceptance)
  • O/A(Open Account)
  • T/T(Telegraphic Transfe)
  • Western Union (for samples)
  • By cash or your local supported payment(For buying local)
  • Paypal alipay and more

Financing Options:

  • 1, Usance letter of credit at xx days. A win-win financial options that the seller get payment after the delivery of documents to the bank and the buyer pay after xx days of B/L date.
  • 2, Trade under sino-sure. China assure make it possible for us to accept D/A O/A and other payment options as long as you can pass the investigation of our insurance company
  • 3, International Factoring. If both sides have factoring agencies available, we can accept this options too
  • 4, Forfeiting. With the Per Val on the bill of exchange from reputable bank's endorsement, we are happy to accept that.
  • 5, Letter of Guarantee can be accepted under special circumstances.
  • 6, Other work rounds that benefits both sides.

Delivery & Lead Time:

It depends. Always consult for detailed delivery and lead time for a specific product. Once the contract is stipulated, it shouldn't be a concern because we will stick with the contract and the loss will be borne on our side as the contract stipulated.

Warranty and After-Sales Services

Please claim within the valid after the arrival of our products. It is often 30 days. We alse offer video tutorials for assembling and other problems solving. Most of our products offer at least 1 year warranty.

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