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Lang Fang far-fly Impt&Expt is located in the Sheng Fang furniture town. A beautiful place with profound history and extensive culture,  is 50KM west to Tian Jin port,100KM  south to  Beijing,and 55KMS east to the newly found and the famous new star city XiongAn new area.The furniture production can be traced back to Qing dynasty(1616—1912).Since after, it has been changing and evolving with every passing day. With more than 5 thousands government qualified well managed factories are located here. We have been establishing relationships with them for a long time. With these information and experience advantages, we can find the most suitable items for your esteemed company.

It once was tagged with cheap price and quality furniture town. The government regulation and examination body establishment including TÜV, local and examination laboratories,have changed the situation dramatically.

Based on the advantages of the furniture industries the ShengFang area own, we registered a trading company in Feb 2018. Our products have been selling to world wide. Main targets countries are England,America,South Africa,Peru,Dubai,India and more.With the help of local examination body like  UTV and other laboratories, we can obtain all kinds of certificates for different areas' needs.Including but not limited to the flowing:


EN 1335-1:2001/AC:2002

EN 1335-2:2009

EN 1335-3:2009/AC:2009

ISO 21015:2007

ISO 24496:2017

CE standards

It is our goal to promote the free flow of good products in the world wide. The distance is far away.Learn to fly,free our dreams with ideas. We warmly welcome your flights to us and future mutual cooperation.