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How to Import Furniture from China

While speaking of importing furniture from China, most people would have Shunde GuangDong furniture, Shanghai furniture Expo on their mind.Today I am going to unveil the less know Sheng Fang Heibei furniture town.

Sheng Fang HeiBei furniture town is situated west to Tianjin, just about 70KM to Tianjin Sea port. 60kms to its west, is the newly founded Xiong An new area, the area of China's future city which everything is designed in the most advanced way.The Beijing's second largest,also Asia's biggest airport is also 60 kilo meters to north of Shengfang new area. will be running on October 1st,2019.

It is a less known furniture production base in China. Most of the furniture factories are home based. As the government regulations on environment, a lot small size furniture factories are forced to shut down and a lot new big modernized factories are on their ways.Some of them are growing their own sales department,export department.

Furniture quality vary from factory to factory. Even the same factory can produce very different quality furniture based on the price or quality agreed on. Which make it difficult to choose from those suppliers. Pre-inspection, production based on sent sample would be a good idea to have the products meet your quality requirements.Most factory quoted the lowest quality price with low quality. It is very important to check the quality first.

Should I buy from Alibaba instead of non Alibaba companies? In general, company using Alibaba spending huge amount on advertising as Alibaba cost raise year after year, most companies spending huge amount on it but see a little improvements on inquires. So it is common to see some company are not using it now. They also take 5pct commission and other cost on each deal which makes it more likely to be expensive. So compare carefully, it does not necessary mean companies who are not listed on Alibaba are not reliable.If you purchase a big volume each year, it is advisable to trade with LC or other terms.

Should I buy from factory directly always?  That is not true. Firstly,Most factories here do not have export sales department here,which makes it impossible to buy from those factories directly. Secondly, most factories only produce part of the furniture models. Even if the factories quoted you products with all kinds from sofa to office chair, filing cabinet to school furniture, or even beds or dining table, they are definitely get quotes from other factories too.Thirdly, some trading companies keep good relationships with a lot factories, and they are more efficient and more professional on those matters.

Why are the factories quotes are so low?It is complicated, sometimes they just using that title to get more customers.But for the common reason is that most factories can not offer the VAT invoice for export.They can not export without it.But there are workarounds to avoid that. The VAT rate is 13 percent of the quoted prices.

For wooden furniture, inspections by the government inspection bodies are required it is advised not to buy just a few piece of wooden furniture because it would increase the cost.

What are the most competitive products here? Office chairs are the most competitive products here because a lot companies from southern city, which is about 2000KMS from here ,are buying from this place. Besides that, because it is metal tube and glass furniture town, any furniture are related to those materials are good start.

Finally, seeing is believing. It is always better to see it by yourself.Each year there are two international furniture fair here.Lang Fang Fei Fei impt&expt company will be ready to arrange your hotel,itineraries. We warmly welcome your visits.